The CILOLA® brand was first launched in 2015. We are Anke Rehfeldt (trained hairdresser and make-up artist and specialising exclusively in Lash Extensions since 2011) and Uscha Wegner (journalist and expert in marketing, branding and digital strategy). Naturally, we got to know each other during eyelash extension appointments - Anke as a stylist and Uscha as a customer. Over the years the idea of CILOLA® emerged. Under the Credo EXPERTS FOR LASHES, it was our goal to offer Lash Extensions of outstanding quality and to develop an innovative brand that always meets the highest standards.


In the CILOLA® premiere studio headquartered in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, only the most modern techniques and materials are used. We have developed and manufactured most of our products ourselves. We also use and distribute selected products from other well-known brands, such as Chrissanthie, Divaderme or Russian Queen Lashes.


All Lash Artists who are employed at CILOLA® have been trained with great success in the in-house Academy and reached the championship level within a very short time. We also have the same requirements when it comes to the training of our licensing partners and external students. For this reason, the CILOLA Academy not only offers in-house training modules, but also cooperates with international lash stars such as Polina Glebanova and Marina Larskaya from Russian Queen Lashes.


At international championships, congresses and trade fairs, we gather knowledge about the latest techniques and standards of our industry, so that CILOLA® customers, licensees and students are always up-to-date.

Uscha Wegner & Anke Rehfeldt

Uscha Wegner & Anke Rehfeldt at the launch party for CILOLA - EXPERTS FOR LASHES on the 5th of May 2015 at their studio in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg