When I tried lash extensions for the first time in 2011, I immediately knew: My quest for an alternative for mascara might finally have come to an end. It seemed like I had experimented forever with absurdly expensive and excentric variations of lash colour and curlers. Every new attempt resulted in crumbs and smudges around my eyes. At the end of the day, a sad looking panda was greeting me in the mirror and the whole mess had to be removed again.

With lashes, all of a sudden everything just felt incredibly easy. The regular treatments were a highly appreciated break and allowed me to slip into deep relaxation. I would get up from the bed and look fresh and pretty. Besides some lash shampoo and the regular brushing, the extensions came without further maintenance hassle - but the effect was just fab: Perfect lashes around the clock: for my first conference in the morning, during yoga or when out in about in the evening.

Being a journalist and brand strategist in the celebrity and lifestyle area I just couldn't believe that there were no stylish brands or studios around to meet my high standards and I began my research in collaboration with my lash stylist Anke Rehfeldt. Workshops, trade fairs, conferences and competitions started filling the calendar. In 2014 I created the brand CILOLA® - "cil" is the French word for "eyelash" and the root of the artificial term which became the name of the newly born company in 2015. From the very beginning, our credo EXPERTS FOR LASHES stood for the most sophisticated lash extensions, lash lifting, brow styling, and all associated products of the highest standard possible.


At our CILOLA® flagship studio in Berlin's international and bohemian district Prenzlauer Berg, we only use the most innovative techniques and advanced materials. Even though sometimes more volume or length might be possible, for us, the health of the natural lashes always comes first. We've developed many of the sophisticated products ourselves. Furthermore, we're using and distributing curated products from other prestigious brands such as Chrissanthie, Divaderme, or Russian Queen Lashes. All products used at CILOLA® are cruelty free.


All lash artists working at CILOLA® were trained in our very own academy as well as by international lash masters. Many of them have successfully competed in national and international championships. CILOLA's stylists won the German Lash Star (2016), the German Masters Lashextensions, the German Lash Trophy and came in on rank for at the International Lash Championship in Paris. The training for our licensing partners and external students follows the same level of expectations. Hence, the CILOLA academy offers both our very own training modules and master classes by renowned lash celebrities like Helga Tóth-Halápi (Luxury Eye), Polina Glebanova or Marina Larskaya (Russian Queen Lashes).

Uscha Wegner


Photo: Reena Troué